Personal In-Shop Repairs

So Your Computer is Faulty?

First – We’re sorry to hear that. Computers can be a fantastic tool for work, play and everything in between. We come to rely on them in many cases more so than our transport. And when things go wrong – it can greatly affect our everyday lives.

It’s not like your car, where you can drive to the mechanic and borrow a loan car to get your transport done. A loan computer is often useless because it doesn’t have your information, programs and hardware such as printers installed.

As difficult as it may be – we need to accept that just like cars break down, people get colds and flu and storms ruin picnics – computers are complex and they develop faults. Just like in the examples given, there are things that can be done to help prevent faults, some are easy and some more difficult and more expensive.

What matters is what you do when things do go wrong.


What we suggest

People that have a Computer Repair shop they can rely on stress less. They know the drill – take it in, be ready to answer the phone for questions and options then pick it up when it’s ready. They know there’s a chance the fault might mean loss of data or expensive recovery, but have had a reliable backup system implemented by the technicians at the shop, so that’s not a big drama.

That’s why we suggest you come and visit a shop like ours when you buy your computer, or for a check-up. Sort out how you will back up your information on your machine, and discuss what the likely outcome of a failure on your particular device may be.

When there’s a fault, you will be prepared for the cost, the downtime and you will be familiar with the shop’s processes.


Why should I use a reputable workshop with a 20 Year history in computers?

It is alarming how many will entrust their computer – full of their irreplaceable photos, videos, music and documents to a ‘friend who knows computers’.

All too often, by the time we receive the computer there is little hope of recovering the information which was lost by accident while formatting, re-installing or ‘recovering’ the computer.

In other cases – a cheaper fault may be mistaken for a complete failure. An experienced technician will test the hardware correctly, know where to look first for particular fault types and ultimately provide a better solution that often results in a cheaper overall experience by measure of money and/or heartache!

A shop like ours often has a variety of spare parts at hand, access to multiple suppliers for the right parts, they may refurbish computers and so be able to offer a replacement machine for a fraction of the repair cost etc.