Managed Business IT Services

Your IT should not be your concern

If you’re losing sleep over your IT systems – it’s time you knew you don’t have to

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  • Offsite Backup. We can tell when your backup worked, failed or is full. You can contact us when you delete a file, we’ll restore it for you – no problem. Our Securely encrypted offsite backup system is perfect for your peace of mind
  • Microsoft Exchange Email. How could you not know about exchange email?! Want your outlook calendar and mobile phone calendar in sync, always? Want your FULL folders list and ALL your emails including your SENT ITEMS accessible via the email on your moble phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and online? Want access to company wide contacts the same way? ..You need Exchange hosted email, and we do just that for many of our clients
  • Hosted Server. It can be expensive to host your own server. And if you don’t need the lightning fast access to large files you only get from hosting your own server (not always the case, contact us for more) then you can likely pay per month for a hosted server kept in a secure, backed up and power-protected data center. We have many clients using this service who like the flexibility in being able to work anywhere, from any device by accessing their hosted server over the internet. Best of all, you don’t have to buy the expensive bits upfront such as your own Server, UPS, Software Licensing (depending on your application)
  • Website and POP/IMAP Email. Need your website hosted? Why wouldn’t you host it with the company that handles all of your IT? We get many calls from clients with issue that turn out to be out of our control with another supplier. Sometimes even we cant get them to co-operate. Hosting is cheap – downtime is not, so hosting with your IT support provider is a good thing
  • Cloud Computer. Is your computer, as was when you brought it in to us – put onto the web securely so you can use it from anywhere in the world. Never worry about losing access to your old programs and files – they’re only a shortcut and an internet connection away from you at all times


All of our hosted services are paid monthly via direct debit from a Credit Card or Bank Account of your choice. Only automated payment methods are accepted. This means minimum administrative work by your accounts staff and ours, and makes budgeting easy